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el Cos vestit

junio 15, 2009

Finalment la reunió serà el 30 de juny a les 12h. Com sabeu, veurem l’exposició sobre el Cos vestit que va comissariar la Sílvia Ventosa en una visita guiada especial per nosaltres.

L’exposició és molt interessant i ens permetrà veure la manera d’articular una recerca sobre cos en un llenguatge expositiu.

Us adjunto l’adreça i informacions pràctiques per arribar.
Gràcies i fins aviat,

DHUB Pedralbes.

Palau de Pedralbes
Av. Diagonal, 686
08034 Barcelona
Tel. 93 256 34 65

Gender, Bodies and Technology

junio 15, 2009

Gender, Bodies and Technology

*Proposals are invited for an Interdisciplinary Conference *

*April 22-24, 2010*

*Roanoke**, Virginia***

*Sponsored by the Women’s and Gender Studies Program at Virginia Tech*

Proposal Deadline: September 15, 2009_

We invite proposals from scholars in the humanities, social and natural sciences, visual and performing arts, engineering and technology for papers, panels, new media art and performance pieces that explore: the technological production of gendered and racialized bodies, historical and contemporary feminist appropriations of technology in aesthetics and representations of embodiment, and the gendered implications of technology in contexts ranging from classrooms to workplaces to the Internet. We  construe technology broadly to include material culture and the apparatus of daily life, such as writing, books and the built environment.

Specific topics might include, but are not limited to:

-Technological production and control of classed, racialized, aged and gendered bodies

-Work, healthcare, education and activities of daily life as produced through technologies

-Performance, new media and other creative expressions as sites for engaging/enacting/destabilizing conventions of embodiment and technology

-Biopolitics and medical engineering of reproduction, sexual identity and gender

-Personal narrative and oral history as sources of embodied theorizing

-Surveillance, containment, in/security and militarization

-Identity and technological design, production and use; gender, race, age, class and sexuality in SET (sciences, engineering and technology) fields

-New media art and feminist aesthetics

-Technologies of development and sustainability; eco-feminism

-Activism, participatory decision-making and issues of technological citizenship

As an assemblage of people and technologies we see the conference itself as enacting the conference theme. We welcome innovative uses of technology and creative session formats, including performance and interactive  representations, as well as traditional paper presentations.
Using the form attached, please submit a proposal of up to 300 words for each individual presentation, including not only the scholarship you will engage but also the format that you wish to use. For panels, include an abstract for each presentation. Please specify in your proposal any special requirements for technology or space that you anticipate. Proposals will be reviewed by Virginia Tech Women’s and Gender Studies faculty/affiliates with appropriate expertise and notification of the outcome will be made no later than October 15, 2009.

Proposals should be submitted via our website at If that is not possible, or if you have
questions, please contact:

Sharon Elber

GBT Conference Co-Planner

STS/Women’s and Gender Studies (0227)

Virginia Tech